Link Dump…

Here’s a couple from my morning RSS feed reading:

IE Tab – Firefox Extension (by way of Scott Hanselman)

E-TEN M600 (by way of Michael Schwarz)

Logitech IO2 Pen (again, a nod to Scott Hanselman for his review)

Pandora – I’m just now giving this a go but I think it’s a great chance to get exposed to new music. (Sponge Bob Randy Pants)


One Response to Link Dump…

  1. Ghosty says:

    I’m not going to do it tonite, as I have other irons in the fire, but thanks for the heads up on the Firefox extention; much needed for my dinky little overloaded P1 which has some degree of difficulty runing both browsers concurrently. I’ve overclocked the dickens out of this thing and it still huffs and puffs. I know, I shouldn’t be so cheap.

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