Highrise Living…

I’ve always enjoyed having a yard and space of my own. Not that I’ve always lived in a house, I was an apartment dweller for quite some time but I’ve known that a house with a yard was the “end game” for me. Also, I’m quick to admit that I actually ENJOY yardwork (Darlene often accuses me of making up reasons to do it) and find comfort and release in the work. Consequently, I’ve never been one who could imagine bringing up a family in a highrise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to take shots at these folks as I’m certain that they do what they must and probably are grateful for what they’ve got but it still makes my heart heavy. I think it also makes the sci-fi nut (read: wannabe futurist) in me wonder if this won’t be the “norm” as the population continues to grow. Sentiments aside, it really is a compelling series: Hong Kong architecture by Michael Wolf.

(link by way of Binary Bonsai)

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