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Project Entropia is a space age based MMORPG that boasts a real cash economy that I discovered via a /. article chronicling it’s recent sale of virtual in-game real estate. MindArk, a Swedish based company, developed the game a few years ago but it seems to have been relatively unknown (as far as I can tell) until these high-profile sales.

Anyway, here’s the rundown: the game is free to download and play, provided you don’t mind waiting the 5 hours it takes to get it at 30Kbps, but you can improve your in game situation by purchasing virtual cash (1USD = 10PED) with a credit card or some other forms of real money. So far nothing ground-breaking right?? Well, the biggest deal is that you can pull your virtual cash BACK OUT of the system at the same exchange rate!! Skeptically, I mashed the download link to see what the fuss was about and headed to bed…

So I hop on my PC the next morning anxious to see the new virtual world…crap…download error out less than 1/2 way thru so I have to wait another 3 hours to get the rest of the program.

Finally up and running I log in for the first time to being setting up my avatar. BTW, in the intervening few hours I managed to read the PE forum and even got thru a few new user guides. Overall, the initial avatar creation was pretty good – a bit clunky in how the sliders worked but not unusable. After creation, you’re dropped into the world and have a few little tutorial pop-ups to get you going with the controls. The controls are a little awkward in my opinion but I’m going to give them a chance before I go complaining too much since it may just be my UO bias.

So after wandering around and exploring for a short period I began interacting with the other folks in-game and even managed to make a few PED (that’s their virtual currency). The graphics have been better than I’d expected them to be and the game play, although a bit limited due to my hesitancy to drop real cash yet and my “new” state (read: limited skills), has been quite good. So far I think I’ve logged a few hours and hopefully will have a chance for a few more later this week.

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  1. SJ says:

    I just started (within the past week) playing, was wondering if you still were, and if you are, what your experience has been.

  2. David O'Hara says:

    Yes, I am still playing although I’m usually only on late at night. So far, I’ve been very impressed with the graphics. The gameplay is alright – I’m still getting used to the interface and controls but there don’t seem to be any glaring problems. Recently, it seems that they’ve started to alter how much and when loot drops and have really irritated some folks. I personally am not of the level to hunt much yet so it doesn’t affect me but I’m afraid that it may soon. If this game ends up being as big a money sink as some of the players claim – $40/wk or more, then I won’t be playing it for very long. Frankly, I’m just too cheap.

    Also, I’d recommend signing up at Entropia Forum to keep up with what’s going on. Feel free to add me to your buddy list – DaiSan is the name that I play with (and my name on the forums).

  3. Angela says:

    Hah, PE is at best a casino, at worst some sort of ponzi/pyramid scheme. Anytime a game is advertised as free with a virtual economy that can be transferred back to the real cash economy, you ought to start thinking. 3 levels of real money drain here. The developer, the landowners and the experienced players all want your cash.

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