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Since being forced to move to a hosted solution for my blog, I’ve not had the chance to put any new files versions, or new applications for that matter, on the site. I’ve started looking into online file hosting options but due to my miserly nature, have not found anything that I like. I use SourceForge and GotDotNet extensively and would be willing to try out either of those if it weren’t for the fact that I love my current development setup (Full CI with CCNet and Perforce) here at the house and am not willing to give it up just yet. If you have any recommendations, drop me an email.


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  1. Cecilia says:

    May i ask you something?! Are you really David O’Hara? The actor? If the answer is yes, it’s so nice, because I’m a great fan of yours. If you are not, thanks for replying me anyway [at least,i hope you can reply me :D].
    I’m from Brazil and a great fan of him!


  2. […] A little while back, I was looking for a free file hosting solution. I settled on a choice but was not thrilled – turns out they kill the file after a certain period of time without activity (something I managed to miss in reading the EULA). Since my files are cetainly nothing that’s going to be getting any high traffic, I was a bit irritated that I would have to re-upload my file every 14 days (or write something that automagically downloads it to keep it active). Lo and behold, someone else has done a little research and shared it with the world – here’s the list of free services and their basic terms. […]

  3. file hosting says:

    Very nice post.

    About file hosting, i usually use to send all my files. I believe that is the best, but it’s my opinion, ehehe…


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