File Storage Solution – Part Deux…

I’ve decided to try out SaveFile for my personal development projects – currently I’m only going to put up SourceControlSwitcher and iTunesCommander. It has the requisite pop-under and banner ads that come from using a free service and I haven’t found a way to automate the uploading so that my build scripts can handle it for me so I may not stick with them but I want to give it a try before I continue the search.


2 Responses to File Storage Solution – Part Deux…

  1. Ghosty says:

    OMG, Dave, you may have to *pay* for it. 😦 I had need of file storage some time ago, and didn’t really find anything as far as something I could use to link to from my own site – the pop-up issue being key. While online storage is not an issue when simply wanting remote access to files (heck, I’ve got 2.5 gigs in GMail) … storage for linking from my site never panned out as far as getting it for free without hassles.

  2. […] A little while back, I was looking for a free file hosting solution. I settled on a choice but was not thrilled – turns out they kill the file after a certain period of time without activity (something I managed to miss in reading the EULA). Since my files are cetainly nothing that’s going to be getting any high traffic, I was a bit irritated that I would have to re-upload my file every 14 days (or write something that automagically downloads it to keep it active). Lo and behold, someone else has done a little research and shared it with the world – here’s the list of free services and their basic terms. […]

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