Leave It Alone or Make It Worse…

To steal a tagline from a comedian. It looks like in an effort to combat phishers, browsers makers are looking for some pretty draconian measures. While I do agree that phishers need to be fought and measures should be implemented to foil their efforts at every turn, I don’t want to give up my abilities as a developers to produce applications of a certain type. That is NOT a fair trade off in my book. Granted, we still have to wait to see what will actually be implemented and in what way but the whole things makes me nervous. Actually, it makes me wonder how much of a resurgence WinApps are going to have – let alone Smart Clients & HTC…

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3 Responses to Leave It Alone or Make It Worse…

  1. Ghosty says:

    I dunno. If I understand what you’re saying here … if as far as they go is green-tinted address bars, or address bars forced into pop-ups … it’s not a bad thing. On the other hand, even as a non-programmer, I know that everything’s hackable more-or-less and out there is a dude with the potential to code green-tinted addres bars into browser windows on his own.

    I don’t view it as draconian. I view it as protecting those of us who are a lot less web-savvy than the rest … of which there are a lot more than there were even ten years ago. Us old hats don’t get taken in by phishers.

  2. David O'Hara says:

    Well, maybe “draconian” was not the right word here…while I’m all for anything to help out the poor sods who fall victim to these scams and would support measures to try to curb phishing in general, I’m not interested in having something imposed on me, as a developer, that severly inhibits my day-to-day work. I’m ok with the coloring of the address bar and the little padlock thingy – FireFox (my main browser) has those things already so I sort of take them for granted but the styling of a browser’s “chrome” is fundamental to many of the web apps I have created and I’m not willing to give that up simply to combat these jerks. Yes, there may end up being a way around the changes, but I figure out how to circumvent it, so will the phishers which basically puts us back at square one except now my apps require more code to behave in the same manner. Doesn’t sound like fun to me…

  3. Ghosty says:

    Ahh, I catch your drift. Yes, an address bar forced in certain applications could seem more of a security risk, in fact, let alone more bother for the programer.

    While on the phishing subject, BTW, thought you’d be interested to read this:


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