How do you Yahoo??

Well, they’ve done it. They rebranded my favorite widget app Konfabulator to be Yahoo Widget Engine. I will NOT be upgrading for any reason as I refuse to have any such branded application on my machine – I don’t care if it’s Google, Yahoo, or MSN. While it appears that the rebranding and “upgrading” has been mostly for the better (increased speed, smoother edging, better JavaScript, and easier development), there has also been a push against “non-Yahoo” widgets. Yeah, way to keep the third party devs going guys!

As soon as I find a replacement app that does what I’m looking for, I’ll be kissing Konfabulator good bye. Sorry but I have no interest in “aiding and abetting” this sort of thing…


One Response to How do you Yahoo??

  1. Ghosty says:

    I dunno, I guess I wouldn’t mind the Google logo looking back at me … but as for the rebanding thing in general, I agree save for the improvements made to the apps themselves. A push against non-Yahoo! widgets? I an’t visualize anyone but Yahoo! doing that sort of pushing …

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