File Upload Solutions…

Happy New Year to all – just needed to get that out of the way.

A little while back, I was looking for a free file hosting solution. I settled on a choice but was not thrilled – turns out they kill the file after a certain period of time without activity (something I managed to miss in reading the EULA). Since my files are cetainly nothing that’s going to be getting any high traffic, I was a bit irritated that I would have to re-upload my file every 14 days (or write something that automagically downloads it to keep it active). Lo and behold, someone else has done a little research and shared it with the world – here’s the list of free services and their basic terms.

Not only that but it looks like this guy’s blog may be a valuable source of info as I attempt to learn the new Adobe CS2 that I got. </drool>


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