Gaming Update…

I’ve been pretty busy lately so gaming has been kept to a minimum, or at least to late nights, but I’ve had a shift in what I’m playing.

While I wouldn’t really call Project Entropia a “scam”, I’ve got some issues with it. It appears that the groups of folks who pump the most money into the game are the only ones gaining anything in the game and rewards are certainly not comparable to what is going into the system. I didn’t interact with any of these “ubers” except via the forums but it seemed like everyone I talked to was putting around $20-50 a month into the game just to keep their character going. OUCH!! You could pick up a smoking habit and it would be cheaper. It really snowballs too – you can only sweat so much before you get capped and then you’re forced to put money to keep playing. I just see it as becoming a big black hole for money and I’m not willing to fall into that one. However, I have to say that I met some really great folks while in game. Everyone seems to be pretty nice (I didn’t venture to the PvP arena so things may be different there) and were generally helpful but I’m grateful that I never dropped any money into it so I don’t feel bad just walking away.
It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve gotten into Battlefield 2. I’ve finally ventured on to the multi-player servers and haven’t been to bed before 1am on any night that I’ve played. While I’m certainly not Rambo yet, I’m getting better and completely addicted. (My current profile)
Lastly, I’ve been really remiss in playing UO – while I’m still technically a GM over a Montis Draconis, I’m not quite sure how I keep that job. I’ve only hopped on for a few minutes here and there and certainly not contributed near as much as I should. Although it had been rather quiet when I have been on, I’m hoping that I’ll have some time this weekend so I can get a few things done.


3 Responses to Gaming Update…

  1. Ha ha. Pick up a smoking habit! Ha ha.

    What kind of game is that?

  2. mr Honest says:

    The word “dynamic” is just a play on words in EU.
    The big payouts are you staff’s freinds around the world.
    The only time big payouta happen is if a tv crew are around or something.
    Then it’s given to whomever they thing would benfit the game. NOT a fair system with any randomness.
    You can be set to fail or set to win. In other words you dont have a chance unless you bend over and suck up to mindark staff,, or are sweedish. Note sweedish players get 98% of all big payouts !!
    The most dishonest “virtuall Universe” and the biggest scamm ever.
    You will note that the ATH or big payouts concurred just before land was released. Therefore giving a paemenent payout to whoever”THEY” chose.
    You can loose $35 usd per hour on some mobs. Thats pure loss!!!
    Only for them to give away that money to a “mate”
    Untill outside authorities make this system “fair” and lock up the scamers that run it. Dont paly dont put $ in as they will take it alland give it to a buddy !!!
    Entropia Universe is not a fair system and will always be run on a mates get best loot.
    Do not try and becombe uber as it will cost minimum of $50K usd.. just to start! then you dont actually have a chance unless they decide to give you some. and lets face it you weould have a sore ass after being so nice to em 😛
    In closing… I do hope that mindark get locked up for the improper way in wich they run the game .
    Also dont forget around $ 1000 usd is stolen from players every day in EU and mindark dont do anything about it.
    Words from a top ten player in EU and is all FACT

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