Blogging = Better Writer…

Not very many of us are born writers (Ok, so  actually NO ONE is born a writer; it’s something we pick up around the second grade). I certainly suffer from the “not-quite-right-yet-so-keep-at-it-and-someday-it-will-be-done” syndrome when it comes to my writing (and even my posts here). So this post on Coding Horror (if you’re not reading CH – you should be) made me smile. Guess I’ll have to dig in and get some tips to I can keep the good times rolling here. 🙂


One Response to Blogging = Better Writer…

  1. Ghosty says:

    I always enjoyed writing, but until the advent of the computer (and spellcheckers) I abhorred it. Writing with pen and paper was horrible, as my brain travels much faster than the ballpoint ever could, and my electric typewriters and word processors were constantly breaking down and were never comfortable to use anyway. Since I’ve been blogging over the past couple of years, my writing skills have improved (as well as my spelling and typing speed); even informal blogging does make a difference.

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