Back To The (Past) Future…

Every kid I know who saw Back To The Future Part II when it came out wanted a hoverboard. There were numerous lies stories going around about the coming availability/feasibility of such a device (and those cool shoes that laced themselves up by cinching the buckles tight). Ever the geek, I racked my brain and researched my heart out for a solution that would give me this sweet gem but in the end nothing was forthcoming and I was left with those “back of the magazine” ads that would sell you the plans for $20. I never did get around to mailing in for those but now it looks like I won’t have to. The plans are available here for nothing. Granted there’s not any pictures to go with the instructions but after having watched them build something similar on Mythbusters, I think this would be doable. Now, if I can just get my wife to understand that we NEED one of these…


3 Responses to Back To The (Past) Future…

  1. How cool is that? You gotta love the inovation of the paid hobbiest inventor 🙂

  2. Ghosty says:

    Last I heard, the devices were illegal in California. Not sure about the rest of the world … better check that. 😉

  3. David O'Hara says:

    I live in Texas – not a whole lot that’s illegal here. 🙂

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