(Legal) MP3 Music on the Cheap…

Randy just turned me on to allofmp3.com for my musical needs. They give you a decent selection and all of the albums have the ability to preview with a low quality sample. The most interesting point is that they charge by bandwidth instead of by song. So longer songs (hence albums) cost more. When you get ready to download, you simply choose the format (MP3, WMA, OGG, etc) and the quality. Ultimately, it ends up being a MUCH cheaper solution. They just finished a revamp of the site itself so things are MUCH easier to get around but I still recommend using their (downloadable) winapp for a better experience. At around $1.20 – $2.00 an album, it looks like I’m going to be legitimizing my collection.

*** UPDATE: It would appear that XROST is currently down in order to move their payment provider. Darn it all…

Oh, and I recommend that you use XROST iCards for filling up your account. They integrate with PayPal so you payment details don’t leave PayPal. Plus you get an extra 10% for using the service – nice.


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  1. andrena says:

    Hi, just passing through via BlogMad!

  2. Jeremie says:

    Hey there.

    There has been some bad press going around about AllOfMP3 lately.

    Just be carefull and don’t entrust them with too much.

  3. David O'Hara says:

    Really?? I hadn’t caught wind of anything yet. That being said, I HIGHLY recommend that you use XROST to filter your interactions and help protect your information. Better safe than sorry.

  4. gian says:

    i would not care to much about the bad press. from what i heard it looks as the big labels just cannot understand that the russian copyright law does not cover online music sales (a legal loophole). thus allofmp3 is legal under russian law, i assume, but not under other countries law. what the big music labels also have to understand is that russia aplies russian law and not french, american law or what so ever. as a little side note, the usa refused to sign the paris convention (protection of intellectual property) until the mid 80th. when they felt the heat of the japan economy reagan changed minde and started adopting laws. i doubt if putin feels any heat at the moment (see petro dollars).

  5. gian says:

    btw xrost does still not work and eventhough stuffed with petro dollars, im reluctant to send my credit card details to russia (a reminder of the cold war??)…

  6. DrNick says:

    Xrost is back with Ukash payment option. You can find it here Xros.BIZ.

  7. John Breski says:

    I have used AllOfMP3 for over a year with no problems and I always used my MasterCard for purchasing with no problems. Now they don’t take MasterCard anymore and at intervals it seems they have to keep changing payment methods and website addresses as if they are being chased around. I wonder if this is because U.S. legal agencies are hassling MasterCard and other services about having AllOfMP3 as a customer. Currently, I am uncomfortable with trying to buy music from them when I have to go through two or three ever changing “agents” like XRost. The whole payment issue with AllOfMP3 is starting to take on a “fly by night” flavor and I won’t use them again until they are allowed to use MasterCard again.

  8. WaynesNside says:

    I love Allof but it seems like it never will fail…all good things come to an end at one point or another. I hope they get it sorted out so I can use my mastercard. Or the could at least get paypal to go through.

  9. Sig Waterman says:

    Using xrost looks interestin if it can be paid by PayPal. I have looked into it but can not understand how to use it.

    You first go to xrost, they send you to get an account at paysafe card, with paypal, but then they send you to some venders to get an account and then finally end up having to buy from some vender that are all in europe. nothing says any thing about xrost or paypal or how to purchase.

    Does anyone know the steps to use to purchase these numbers you need to purchase things at Allof Thanks.

  10. Inquisitor says:

    Hey Sig,

    Just go to xrost.biz and purchase their credit. As you go through the checkout process, they will supply you with your pin and ID.

    Secondly, goto allofmp3, login, go to ‘balance’ at the top and choose the xrost option. Fields will be supplied to input the pin and ID. Once you’ve done that, just activate it via the bottom button and you’ll be able to use the amount you paid at xrost at allofmp3.

    I just did and am now downloading A Flock of Seagulls at 320kbps. Great! Especially ‘I Ran’.

  11. Ada says:

    Hi all.

    The xros option has disappeared as a payment option on allof at the moment, just after I’d brouth $20’s worth i intended to use on allof!

    Anyone know whats going on and if xros will still be usable on allof?

  12. velichk says:

    It’s very easy to use our site – whithout your registration just choose a song or album you like, pay me through e-gold and download it! No directing links, everything is simple and convenient! Enjoy our smaller music collection!

  13. Alex Eman says:

    Amazing how so many people advocate theft!!!

    Illegal filesharing, buying from illegal sites is STEALING plain and simple, and really only harms the musicians ‘at the bottom of the chain’. I cannot understand how people sleep when your just robbing someone else.

    It’s no different to thieving from a Music Store, and slipping the CD under the jacket.

    RIAA get your act together.

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