Fastest Growing???

Wow, I just saw that I’m on the “Fastest Growing Blogs” list at #6. Generally I get between 30-40 hits daily, mostly friends and family as well as a few disappointed folks who think that they’re stumbling upon the personal blog of the “other” David O’Hara :), but yesterday I got 70+. And I know what did it – BlogMad.

If you haven’t noticed the little badge to the right, I’ve signed up to participate in the beta. It went “live” yesterday and hence the spike in traffic. I’ve got to say that I’ve enjoyed surfing around and seeing the sites of the other participants and I’ve even grabbed a few for future reading. If you’re interested in getting in on the BlogMad craze, drop me a note and I’ll get you an invite.

UPDATE: Well, I made it to #5 today (March 7th).

UPDATE: Woohoo!! I hit #1. Many thank to my fellow BlogMad folks. I know it was you. 🙂
#1 With Love


10 Responses to Fastest Growing???

  1. Hi Dave,

    could you please send me an invite at, I’d like to check blogmad stuff.

  2. kickstand says:

    I’m doing the beta test as well & have seen a nice spike in tin traffic. Hope it keeps up.

  3. indeed, but I guess it won’t last long as number of users increase so it’ll be virtually impossible to show up 🙂

  4. David O'Hara says:

    I think that the big problem is that you’d have to have wild fluctuations from day to day in order to make your delta (change) high enough to get listed. Very strange indeed.

  5. Can I get an invite?

    iowanblogwatch at

    (If you want a gmail invite, i\’ll gladly send you one.


  6. bajajllaja says:

    Congrats on making it BIG!

  7. S A J Shirazi says:

    You are still there (and at # 3). BTW, you have anice blog and you deserve to be famous 😉

  8. You’ve got a great blog, and a beautiful wife and children. Wow, what eyes!!

    I’d love to get an invite to blogmad.

    My email is

    My blog is currently at blogspot, and I logged into wordpress to check this service as an alternative since blogger has glitches.


  9. David O'Hara says:

    Many thanks for your compliments. Actually, BlogMad has opened it’s doors (although it is still in beta) Just use the BlogMad badge to the right and you can get signed up.

    As for using, I HIGHLY recommend it. I’ve tried several services and applications, even hosted my own for a while, and just couldn’t beat (especially for the price ;))

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