Musicians please…

Cocking a gun at the start of your song does NOT make it cooler or edgier or suck less. You know who you are. Please stop.

*marks song with thumbs DOWN on Pandora


4 Responses to Musicians please…

  1. hello

    thanks to you i discovered pandora!
    but tell me, who’s that tacky band?

    dying to know


  2. David O'Hara says:

    Several folks have asked but I honestly can't remember – there have been a few thumbs down since then so I can't really rely on my history to tell me.Basically, I ran across several songs in a row that had the "cocking gun/gunshot/wanna-be gangsta" intro that just put me off.

    Sleepless: Glad to hear you like it – I've found it to be a great way to get exposed to bands I've never heard of but probably would like. If you want, you can listen to my stream (Dave OHara's Radio). I'd be interested in hearing what others are listening to as well so please do share (maybe I'll even make a post)…

  3. David,

    since i wrote to you i’ve been experimenting further and i’m having second thoughts about Pandora… although it seems rather informed about certain genres, on others it completely lacks any information. for example, i think its great for rock music, dance & electronica, it completely misses out ambient, minimalistic & modern classic composers.
    for me that is a big turnoff since i tend to listen to many of the above genres at no particular order.
    I have to admit that it is an incredible conception though and definately useful for exploring “avenues” in an informed way.
    I’m slowly building my list (lots of thumbs down by now!) and when it’ll be more accurate i’ll share too.

    in the meantime i’ll put on your (!) station.


  4. Ari says:

    Yup, Cocking a gun as an intro or within the song itself is so 90’s, so cliche by now… anyway, thanks to your link to pandora ‘cos I didn’t know about them before this.

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