What Was The Question???

I often take online polls and I ran across this little dandy of a question the other day and just had to share…Which Are You??

Now, I generally consider myself to be fairly up-to-date on the whole politically correct thing but I was at a complete loss as to the difference between option 2 and option 3.


One Response to What Was The Question???

  1. Ghosty Twofish says:

    Whoever created the poll obviously doesn’t know the difference between heritage and race. African-American would (or should) indicate an American of African heritage, or perhaps someone who immigrated here directly from Africa and became a citizen, but not necessarily someone who is black. Black would indicate race, but not necessarily African heritage. Anyway, there’s a difference, and the poll should have reflected that – i.e. African-American shouldn’t have been included in the list.

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