YACL & ThanksNo.com…

May 23, 2006

So we've all got the friends/relatives that are quite well intentioned but insist on forwarding us Yet Another Chain Letter (YACL) or whatever the "joke of the day" may be. Apparently, they feel it only right to share with the rest of us who could sign up for them ourselves but for some mysterious reason, have decided not to. 🙂 How do you decline politely??
Fear no more. 43Folders has put together ThanksNo.com to handle that oh so delicate situation. I'm not certain that EVERYONE will understand and that no one will be offended but, hey, I'm a little offended by the fact that I have to wade thru this stuff just to get to the pictures of my daughters. 🙂


Superman Returns…

May 22, 2006

I can hardly hold it together…WATCH THIS!!!

(You can find a whole grouping of them at ComingSoon.Net

I Want My Lawn With Polka Dots…

May 12, 2006

I found an article, Turf Warrior, in my Wired Magazine and it really got me thinking about the future of lawns in light of genetic modifications. Can you imagine what our neighborhoods would look like if we could order GM grasses?? Say you wanted it to match the trim on the house. Red? Not a problem. Blue? Got it. Polka dots? Eh…maybe not but you get the idea. Imagine if I were able to blend a bioluminescence gene into my grass so that in the daytime it absorbed the sunlight and then gave of an eerie glow as the night wore on. Truly Geek!!

DDNUG: Scott Hanselman…

May 12, 2006

I've been attending Dallas .NET User Group (DDNUG) since the beginning of the year. It's been great to be around folks with similar (mostly) interests/goals plus it's pizza and giveaways. 🙂 (The "luck of the Irish" seems to be favoring me as I've come home with a book, software (VS2005 Pro w/SQL 2005 standard), or a gift card pretty much every meeting. Can't beat that!) In general, the presentations have been good, with few exceptions, and usually quite timely – thank you Chris Menegay. However, last night's talk was a absolute stand-out.

I've been keeping up with Scott Hanselman via his blog for quite some time now. He's a great writer and has a real passion for what he does. On top of which, he's always got the latest/greatest in tools and isn't afraid to tell you what he REALLY thinks about something. Since he began his podcasts, Hanselminutes, I've been able to "see" a little more of his personality and am glad to report that he's every bit as cool and fun(ny) as he appears. Unfortunately, he had to catch a plane RIGHT after the meeting so I was unable to chat with him but, hopefully, they'll have him back at some point in the future.

It’s a Mouseboard, a Keyous, a Combimouse…

May 10, 2006

Although I'm pretty certain that I'd never use one, I thought that the idea was at least an interesting one. Check out the details at the Combimouse site.


Hump Day Funnies…

May 10, 2006

Just a few links that I hope will make you chuckle as you start your day.

Apple's Anti-PC videos 

Channel 9 (Microsoft) retaliation to above videos (hey look, they even stole the Mac videos – I guess history DOES repeat itself)

A Juniper bash on Cisco

(Links by way of Artifical Ignorance

Better Now…

May 9, 2006

Good news. Turns out that Darlene and I were not that far off base in being skeptical of the diagnosis, Makena does not have pneumonia. Darlene took the girls to their regular doctor (Dr. Day is a great guy btw) and he said that he looked at her x-ray and couldn't find a single bit of evidence of pneumonia. However, upon looking at her throat, something that the ER doc DID do, he was quickly able to deduce that she had strep throat. A quick culture confirmed it and we were happy to hear that although it's the long way around, the current treatment will knock the strep out.

P.S. Gemma's fine and great. Apparently, kids are not even suceptible to strep until they're over 18 months. Whew!