Rough Weekend…

No, not that kind of rough weekend – I'm much too old to be doing such silly things anymore. We got a "sickie" in the house.

Makena woke up with a 103 fever Saturday morning so we gave her a little Tylenol to knock it down and she responded quite well. She was up and running about in no time but the fever returned after her nap (103.5 this time). Again, it responded to the Tylenol so we didn't think that much of it. She didn't really have any other symptoms to speak of so it was business as usual. Sunday morning was uneventful until Darlene noticed that her hands and feet were a little cold and actually had a blue tinge to them. Uh…that's not right. While Darlene and I discussed shades of blue (not really we just we trying to figure out what could be wrong considering she had no symptoms aside from the fever), Makena's fever spiked again – 104.7 this time. Yikes!

So we're sitting the emergency room about 4.5 minutes later we're still trying to figure out what could cause such a nasty reaction with so few obvious symptoms. After 5 hours of various pokes, prods, and irradiations, it turns out our little girl has bacterial pneumonia. Don't ask me – I don't know how the heck that's possible but I'm glad that they were able to figure out what was wrong with her. She's on antibiotics now and hopefully, on her way to getting better but we'd sure appreciate your prayers. I'll keep you updated…

P.S. So far Gemma is showing no signs so we're hoping that the breastfeeding will have boosted her immune system enough that she'll dodge this one. 

2 Responses to Rough Weekend…

  1. Ghosty says:

    Hope the little one recovers quickly, Dave. My own daughter had the same thing, and got very sick; we never did figure out how she got it either. (Course, she’s 20 now, and doesn’t remember a thing …) Strange how kids can get an oddball illness without apparent cause.

  2. Wow, we’ll be praying for her here!

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