YACL & ThanksNo.com…

So we've all got the friends/relatives that are quite well intentioned but insist on forwarding us Yet Another Chain Letter (YACL) or whatever the "joke of the day" may be. Apparently, they feel it only right to share with the rest of us who could sign up for them ourselves but for some mysterious reason, have decided not to. 🙂 How do you decline politely??
Fear no more. 43Folders has put together ThanksNo.com to handle that oh so delicate situation. I'm not certain that EVERYONE will understand and that no one will be offended but, hey, I'm a little offended by the fact that I have to wade thru this stuff just to get to the pictures of my daughters. 🙂


2 Responses to YACL & ThanksNo.com…

  1. Robin says:

    I’m so silly that I’m afraid people will be offended if I send them there. Some people just don’t get the hint, though :).

  2. Ghosty says:

    I just write ’em back and say ‘stop sending me this idiocy, please’. Ditto for the hoax virus warnings, emails about that fake lost kid that’s been around for twenty years, etc., etc. … I’m amazed how many reasonably intelligent people believe everything that pops into their inbox.

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