Dallas Code Camp…

It was a busy weekend as I spent all of Saturday at the Dallas Code Camp. If you're not familiar with the code camp concept (see sidebar), it's basically one day, free (as in beer) band camp for geeks. There were 26 presentations split into 4 sessions – it was a big opportunity to find folks with knowledge in areas that you're lacking and pick their brains.

Not all the presentations were great but they were certainly informative and/or useful on some level. I managed to catch up with Karthik, a friend I met thru regular DDNUG meetings. I also met Tim Rayburn – he did a bit on BizTalk that was an excellent introduction for a novice like me and he even took the time to talk with me afterwards to help me understand the limitations and needs of a BizTalk project. Come to find out he's also a dev for the NUnit project so he and I had quite a bit to talk about. I really hope to keep in touch with him moving forward as he's a knowledgeable and friendly guy.

The whole experience was great and really made me realize what a wealth of knowledge our community has to offer. I managed to not only walk away with additional knowledge but several ideas for presentations that I'm going to attempt to develop over the next few months. Who knows, maybe next time I'll be lucky enough to give a talk. 🙂 


2 Responses to Dallas Code Camp…

  1. Tim Rayburn says:

    So Dave … the NEXT Code Camp is coming up in April, I’m organizing speakers and yet I don’t seem to have you down for a talk. Care to remedy that? 🙂


  2. David O'Hara says:

    *cough* I just finished a major push for release of our new site at work so I haven’t been in the loop lately but I DID get the email about talking and I WILL be on the list. Details will be forthcoming.

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