Happy Birthday Gemma Lynn…

Today we celebrate the birth of my little girl. Gemma Lynn, named after two women who are very important in my life, has been an absolute joy. She’s such a happy kid (exhibit A), quite active (exhibit B) and rarely “complains” although she does display a bit of temper and can be willfull (considering her parents, I’d say we got off lightly in that category). I threw in a hew pics from her birthday party last weekend (exhibit C & D) cause she’s just so darn cute! She’s a “daddy’s girl” and generally the first one to greet me at the door and I can’t express how blessed I am to have such a wonderful daughter.

Exhibit A
At the lake
Exhibit B
At the beach
Exhibit C
Deep Thoughts
Exhibit D
Have your cake and eat it too

4 Responses to Happy Birthday Gemma Lynn…

  1. Happy Birthday, Gemma!
    From the Petermans

  2. Ghosty Twofish says:

    AWWWWW! What a beautiful daughter you have! Pat her on the head and say ‘Happy b-day’ for me, eh?

  3. taylor says:

    hey! you dont know me but my dad and I are a big fans of the character stephen from braveheart. you have some of the best lines in the entire movie and we like to know if there is a way that we can get an autographed picture of you as stephen. this may seem kind of a goofy request but we’ve had a lot of laughs watching “stephen” say, “he wasn’t right in the head”. this has become an inside joke with us and we have become quite good at affecting a really stupid irish accent. we have also gotten pretty good at being “Grundles McHaggis” for practice in our stupid accent gallery.

    well i have to go thank you for your time and consideration. bye

    taylor and her dad

  4. David O'Hara says:

    Wow, someone asking for my autograph…sorry taylor, I’m not the David O’Hara that you’re thinking of (the Scottish actor), I’m the David O’Hara you’ve never heard of (the Irish computer geek). 🙂 I actually get quite a bit of traffic here looking for him but as far as I know, he does not have a online presence (email or blog). My apologies for the confusion but if you happen to get a hold of him, let me know because I’ve got quite a bit of his fan email. 😉

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