Microsoft Marketing Has Lost It…

November 29, 2006

You have to watch this new marketing strategy from Microsoft.

Then check out their “limited time” offer.

UPDATE: Looks like they “sold out” of the offers – sorry. As a side note, I was SERIOUSLY disappointed in the site as a whole; it was almost unusable with the constant script timeouts and poorly rendering pages. I nearly missed out on the offer myself out of pure frustration.

UPDATE: Looks like they’ve pulled the video now – viral marketing has a short lifespan apparently.


All Mobbed Up…

November 27, 2006

I just found out about the Associates program from Randy – looks like I’ve been missing out on a few bucks!! Now I gotta get my “racket” on… 🙂

Here are a few links:
Adobe Creative Suite Premium CS2 Upgrade

Get shot out of a Canon!!

Watch it all in HD

Papa’s Gotta Brand New Bag

Normal Form…

November 24, 2006

Since things have gotten crazy at work (have you noticed the lack of posts here?), I’ve dropped off my exercise routine. Working 80-90 hours a week and getting up early to workout don’t seem to co-exist well so the working out had to go – for now anyway. In that time, Hyperstrike has come out of beta and thus given all of us helpful beta testers the boot. If we’d like to rejoin, they’re more than happy to allow that at a reduced rate but if it isn’t free, I’m not interested. So I’m off to find another alternative that gives me a general routine to follow and the onus to continue. I’m waiting to see if Workout Manager Pro turns out to be worth my time but, ultimately, I’d prefer a simple online system that tracks my progress and tells me what to do in the next session. Any suggestions??

Another Book For The Stack…

November 21, 2006

Transcending CSSFalling ever behind in my reading, I’ve run across another book that I’ll have to put in the “to-be read” stack. Actually, this one will probably float up in the stack by virtue of the fact that it’s written by Andy Clarke. I’ve been reading And All That Malarkey for several years now and always found it to be a great read and very informative. I expect no less of the hardbound Andy. Check it out at Transcending CSS…