Book Review: “Please Don’t Just Do What I Tell You!”

When my father gave me this book and mentioned that he was tempted to send out the letter found on page 9 to all his folks, I wondered what could be in a letter that would cause him to want to share it with so many folks. Usually, you pick up management tidbits here and there – a piece for this person, a little for that one or maybe a nice catch phrase to motivate the “laggers”. To find something that fit everyone wholesale sounded a bit to good to be true. Well – it wasn’t. As a highly motivated and driven person myself, I didn’t find the book to be revealing as much as it was a reinforcement of my current habits and feelings as well as a good explanation of what factors push me along. While it’s not a cure-all for slackers by any means, it puts in plain terms and examples what makes the difference between a good employee and a great one. It’s formatted for speed reading and an average reader could easily get thru it in a night or two.


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