April Fool’s Pranks…

I’m a prankster as much (if not more) than the next guy so I found this one to be GMail Paper to be worth a chuckle. All too often I find myself slipping into the “oh no, the whole network/website/internet is down” rut so I’ve started looking for some better angles. What’s the best prank you’ve pulled off (April 1st or otherwise)??


One Response to April Fool’s Pranks…

  1. Karthik says:

    Since we got married, my wife and I have had a yearly tradition in emailing our close friends with “fake announcements” on April fools.

    Last year we sent out an email to them that we’re expecting…they’ve been bugging us for the past 2 years (literally the day after our wedding) to find out when we’re gonna have kids so it was worth it…got a few takers there.

    This year the email is that my wife got a job leading an outsourcing team in India and that we’ll be relocating to Mumbai in December. No takers yet, but I literally sent the email 5 minutes ago…looking forward to see who buys it this year 😉

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