Kurt Vonnegut has passed…

I was sad to see this fly across my RSS reader this morning – Kurt Vonnegut has died at 84. And “so it goes”. Vonnegut was one of my early introductions to the sci-fi genre and at the time, I was about 7, I didn’t understand all the underlying complexities of his writing. I just knew how it “felt” and that I liked his writing. As I got older, I discovered the brilliance and wit of his writing and while I didn’t always agree with his ideas or perspectives, I truly enjoyed digging thru the layers of complexity within his writing. I am sad to say that seeing him speak is one of the things on my “List of Things To Do Before I Die” that I will not achieve. Good bye sir.


One Response to Kurt Vonnegut has passed…

  1. Wendy says:

    And so it goes. I wish I was a Tramalfadorian and the former was true.

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