Automated Unit Testing with Visual Studio 2005 Presentation

The talk went pretty well – I believe there were about 175 people registered so it was quite a turnout. I didn’t have a chance to get thru to all of my demos but I think that I at least got folks started in the right direction. Sadly, the dependency injection portion of the talk took the biggest hit and it’s really the most important part, in my opinion, since it’s what allows you to deal with “real” code. Maybe that just means I’ll have to give the talk again. 🙂 Regardless, I’m posting the AUT PowerPoint and the solutions ZIP (this has the starting version as well as the completed version).

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the talk. Feel free to comment below and if you have pics or anything, please let me know. I’d love to see them.


3 Responses to Automated Unit Testing with Visual Studio 2005 Presentation

  1. Ghosty says:

    “dependency injection”??

  2. […] night, my good friend Dave O’Hara gave an excellent presentation on Automated Unit Testing with the .NET framework to the Dallas .NET […]

  3. Ace Browning says:

    really enjoyed your talk at the ddnug meeting… fyi, you can set up visual studio to read an excel file for repeatable, automated unit tests… a guy from Notion gave a demo at our office and did it… that doesn’t mean i can repeat what he did or explain it to you… cuz i don’t remember… but he set up a few columns in the spreadsheet:
    “input1”, “input2”, “expected”, “actual”

    and then added a row for each test case… it seemed very useful (depending on the application)…

    once again, thanks i enjoyed it

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