My Recent Conversion…

The black box arrived. I am now officially “Win on Mac”.

I loaded the tools that I knew would make my life easier – Firefox, QuickSilver, Adium, Twitterific, VMWare, TextMate…and they did not disappoint me. A few preference tweaks and settings later and I was off and running.

Let’s talk form – the lines on this laptop are sharp! No obtrusive knobs, bulges, humps or protrusions of any kind. Heck even the lid clasp retracts when not in use. I was initially worried about the keyboard and the key arrangements but I’ve had no issue switching between this keyboard and my Microsoft Natural at work. No re-mapping needed. With a clear and crisp display, ambient light sensor and backlit keyboard, I have yet to find a situation where I’m not able to use it. Granted, I have to air out my thighs after a bit of lap work but I can’t seem to find fault with this hardware otherwise.

For several weeks now I’ve been living in a VM and trying to figure out how to get my whole life on to OSX. Having never been a full time Vista guy, I can’t honestly compare the two (yes, I am considering a few rounds with BootCamp to give this a true test) but I’m hard pressed to imagine what it would give me that I’m currently lacking. I’m not sure what it is about these applications but I’m really enjoying what I’m seeing.

One Response to My Recent Conversion…

  1. Ghosty says:

    Ooooohhhh, backlit keyboard … damn, I’m jealous. Let me know how Vista turns out for you. I’ve been thinking the wise thought of waiting until SP1 gets released – you know it will, you know it will.

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