End of an Era…

After nearly six years with Alt-N, I have decided to move on. I am grateful for the opportunities that the company provided me and my family and the strong bonds, both personal and professional, that have formed over the course of my employment. This was not an easy decision by any means but my excitement for the future far outweighs my sorrow at the parting. What could have been a difficult time has actually been quite pleasant, partly due to the handling of the departure (a post on that will follow) but mostly due to the fact that they’re such great folks. I wish them all the best and am grateful for the time that God has given us together.

4 Responses to End of an Era…

  1. Ghosty says:

    Yes, I had heard about that … I’ve had to move on from employment after the long term, it’s always hard to go. You’ll have to keep us posted on the new stuff!

  2. Wow…usually when someone leaves a company their blog post has little good to say about said company. Refreshing to say the least.

  3. Dave, it’ll be good to continue to read your blog and attempt to catch up with you outside of our work hours in the future. Its been an amazing six years and I really, really, really will miss you on the staff. In the infamous words of Brian Regan, “Take luck!”

  4. Kevin Beatty says:


    I enjoyed working with you and I wish you all the best on your new journey. Keep in touch!

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