Presentation at DDNUG…

So my talk on the ASP.NET MVC went ok – it wasn’t a great presentation but I didn’t stink up the place either (as far as I know). The slides were good and I was able to get the concepts across but the code demo didn’t go quite as planned. Regardless, I wanted to post both here (PowerPoint & Code) so that they were accessible for anyone interested.


3 Responses to Presentation at DDNUG…

  1. robowerks says:

    David, Thanks for giving the talk and presenting ASP.Net MVC. Good to hear new things are coming down the pipe and I’ll be looking more into this framework now.

  2. The slides didn’t show a lot, but you’re out there getting people in touch with the new framework. Hopefully you showed unit testing controllers — and if you did, that certainly can’t stink!

    Way to step up to the challenge bro.

  3. David O'Hara says:

    @Chris: The presentation was given to a group of folks that, for the most part, were unfamiliar with MVC as a pattern as well as the framework. That’s why the slide desk isn’t going to be any big revelation for someone like you. 🙂

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