Random ASP.NET & ScaleOut Server Issue…

doht1.jpgI was working at a client’s Monday and ran across a really obscure error so I figured I’d blog it because there was NOTHING that I could find on the issue let alone the brain dead straighforward solution. The setup is they’re using .NET 1.1 for their site and ScaleOut StateServer to handle state management. Everything works great except I was attempting to put a 3.5 site in side-by-side with it so that I could share authentication. The configuration for this is straight forward and I triple-checked it when it didn’t work initially but I could not get rid of the Unable to access “IsAbandoned” property from HttpSessionState error message when I would browse to the 3.5 site. On a whim I decided to fire up the installer and discovered that I was simply lacking a piece from the install to enable .NET 2.0 applications.

David O’Hara is a Senior Consultant with Improving Enterprises in Dallas, Texas.


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