Random Rant…

Apparently in NYC it is the implicit responsibility of the second person in line at a red light to immediately honk their horn when the light turns green so as to remind the first person in line that it is their turn to go. Having been the second person previously, subsequent drivers (usually numbers 3 thru 5 or so) are often concerned that this person may not be aware of this responsibility or is simply in need of assistance. So they take it upon themselves to also gently remind those in front of them of their responsibility by utilizing their horns. Who knew NYC was so full of concerned and considerate driver??


3 Responses to Random Rant…

  1. Hey thats the same thing that happens here in Alaska.
    It would not be so bad, but they do it just as the light turns green. Go figure.

  2. Mahesha says:

    I agree with you. Same thing happens in Australia too. Australia is a country where you can hardly here a honking.

    Near traffic lights, during peak hours, you can experience honking, and once you here the honk, you are very upset because usually very little honking is there except Ambulance and the Police.

    First person in front of the traffic light has to stop when it turns red. He shouts at the poor traffic light. It is lucky that the traffic light does not have ears. As soon as the light turns green, the first one takes a sort of quick start, yet the second in line, is so impatient, he honks.

  3. Ghosty says:

    Pfft. Try driving in DC. No one honks … they just swerve around you. :/

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