October 7, 2008

MVPLogo.gifHaving only thrown myself into the community relatively recently, I was honored (and a bit surprised) to have been given this award. I look forward to the opportunity to continue sharing the things that I’ve learned and spreading the motivation to become a better developer. I want to thank my family for putting up with my extracurricular activities and being supportive of me following my passions. Also, a thank you to Microsoft – I take back like 3 of those things I said about you last week.

Next on my list of awards to achieve, an honorable hair mention from Justice Gray


Announcement: DDNUG – ASP.NET MVC

January 22, 2008

In ramping up for the new year, I knew this was a topic I was really looking forward to learning more about and sharing with others. On February 20th, I’ll get a chance to do a bit of the latter. I’ll be giving my “ASP.NET MVC – What does it mean to me??” presentation at the Dallas .NET User Group. We’ll be covering Model-View-Controller (MVC) concepts and the benefits of utilizing it in creating your web applications. As always, I’m going to try to be light on the slides and heavy on the code so that you can see the framework in action.

As a bonus, Rob Vettor will also be presenting, “What is LINQ and how it can help you” so you’ll get a chance to enjoy 2 topics for the price of one (free!).

Go sign up!!

David O’Hara is a Senior Consultant with Improving Enterprises in Dallas, Texas.


April 19, 2006

If you're a developer and you've ever used Google to find some code (uh…who hasn't), GO SIGN UP FOR KRUGLE RIGHT NOW!! I signed up about 2 months ago and just finally got in on the beta. It's amazing. You can watch the demo (800×600) to get an idea of what you're waiting for.

The interface is great; it's an Ajax app and beta so there are still some issues (*ahem* BACK BUTTON) but impressive and intuitive nonetheless. It supports a variety of languages from Objective-C and LISP to TCL and sh. There's something in there for everyone.

If you sign up, please leave a note and let me know what you think.

*** UPDATE:  It appears that the beta is closed at this point. Be sure to sign up so that you'll know when it officially rolls out. ***

My AJAX is Better Than Yours…

February 3, 2006

I found this little comparison of ASP.NET AJAX frameworks helped to clear up some questions I had. Sometimes it’s hard to know which one to use or what features were supported by the various frameworks but this handy, dandy little chart should help to clarify things a bit. Thank you Daniel.

DISCLAIMER: Daniel is actually the author of ComfortASP.Net, one of the frameworks in the comparison.