Announcement: C# SIG – Double Header

June 3, 2009

Tomorrow night (Thursday), I’ll be speaking at the C# SIG. Since I’ve been watching so many TED videos, I’ve come to think that NO ONE should expound for 2 hours on any single subject – the quantity is just overwhelming. To that end, I’ll be breaking up my time and doing not 1 but *2* presentations.

Building a Castle: Introduction to Windsor

Getting introduced to Castle Windsor can be a daunting thing, I know since I’ve gone thru it. But under the covers, there is a great power. This talk will introduce the concepts as well as the methods to harness and take full advantage of all that power without getting overwhelmed.

CodeRush Ninja Training

If your not using a productivity tool, you’re ripping off your customers and wasting your time. We will take a look at how CodeRush can help you to be more productive in code and have a great time doing it. With a little practice, you can learn to be a CodeRush ninja too.

Come sign up and I look forward to seeing you there.

David O’Hara is a Principal with Improving Enterprises in Dallas, Texas.


Introduction to CodeRush: Part 1

September 1, 2008

I believe that anyone not using a productivity tool with their IDE is wasting time and, quite possibly, ripping off their employer/client. I don’t care if it’s CodeRush, Resharper, CodeSmart, or whatever but you should get a tool, get familiar with it and use it for everything it’s worth. I enjoy using the CodeRush/Refactor Pro! tools. As a matter of fact, I feel like I can’t hardly use Visual Studio without them. The only drawback I’ve found with CodeRush is that discoverability is just not there and with the vast array of capabilities, a lot of folks would rather do without than flounder so I’m hoping that this will help to ease that learning curve.

This “episode” is the first in a series screencasts I’ve been trying to put together for a while and I’m hoping that it will introduce the new user and maybe even show some existing users a few things that they didn’t know. I’m certainly no professional video editor so please excuse the quality while I try to find the right mix but I would appreciate your feedback.
Anyway, we’ll take a look at the structure markup that CodeRush does to help enhance readability and decorate code to make certain aspects visually evident. And we’ll be introduced to the mnemonic templating system and how just a few keystrokes can turn our intent to code.

DevExpress comes thru…

April 18, 2007

I mentioned earlier that I’d be giving my new “Improving Developer Productivity” talk at Dallas Code Camp this Saturday. I’m even more excited because, thanks to Caleb’s assistance, I’ll be giving away 2 copies of CodeRush (including Refactor! Pro). These are donations from DevExpress (via Mark Miller) and, from what I understand, a hard to come by item. Thank you Caleb; thank you Mark. If you haven’t already, go sign up. The agenda is packed with great folks and I’m sure it’s going to be a good time.

Dallas Code Camp 2007…

April 10, 2007

It’s looking like everything is set for Dallas Code Camp 2007: Microsoft Campus in Irving on April 21st and the agenda is officially released. And I’ll be talking on the DevExpress products, CodeRush and Refactor! Pro. I was originally slated to give an expanded version of my Windows Presentation Foundation and XAML talk from the Dallas .NET User Group but since Ed Blankenship is coming all the way from NJ and has a pretty cool announcement, I’m deferring to him. I’m pretty excited about the productivity talk and hope that all goes well – if you’re in the area, it will certainly be worth your time.