Happy Birthday Gemma Lynn…

August 31, 2006

Today we celebrate the birth of my little girl. Gemma Lynn, named after two women who are very important in my life, has been an absolute joy. She’s such a happy kid (exhibit A), quite active (exhibit B) and rarely “complains” although she does display a bit of temper and can be willfull (considering her parents, I’d say we got off lightly in that category). I threw in a hew pics from her birthday party last weekend (exhibit C & D) cause she’s just so darn cute! She’s a “daddy’s girl” and generally the first one to greet me at the door and I can’t express how blessed I am to have such a wonderful daughter.

Exhibit A
At the lake
Exhibit B
At the beach
Exhibit C
Deep Thoughts
Exhibit D
Have your cake and eat it too

Better Now…

May 9, 2006

Good news. Turns out that Darlene and I were not that far off base in being skeptical of the diagnosis, Makena does not have pneumonia. Darlene took the girls to their regular doctor (Dr. Day is a great guy btw) and he said that he looked at her x-ray and couldn't find a single bit of evidence of pneumonia. However, upon looking at her throat, something that the ER doc DID do, he was quickly able to deduce that she had strep throat. A quick culture confirmed it and we were happy to hear that although it's the long way around, the current treatment will knock the strep out.

P.S. Gemma's fine and great. Apparently, kids are not even suceptible to strep until they're over 18 months. Whew!

Happy Anniversary…

March 22, 2006

Today marks 3 years that I’m been wed to my beautiful wife. It has been an action packed 3 years that alternates between feeling like the blink of an eye and an absolute eternity – we’ve gotten married, built a house, had 2 kids (ok, so SHE did that part but I helped with the breathing stuff, honest), and even managed to fall in love on a daily basis. It has been the happiest time of my life and I look forward to spending the rest of it with her.


My Girls

Birthday Party…

January 21, 2006

I can’t believe how quick time flies. Makena will be 2 tomorrow so we’re having a little birthday party for her today. Just a little family and friends “get together”w so we can grill some burgers and dogs (it’s supposed to be 60° today) and wonder where all the time has gone.


Christmas Time…

December 23, 2005

It has arrived!! The family has begun to gather – my sister Jen and her husband Mike got here on Wednesday and my brother James should have gotten here last night (he’s 20 so he pretty much keeps his own schedule 🙂 ). Unfortunately, my brother Shaun won’t be able to make it since he’s got a game on Christmas eve – go Giants!! – but I’m hoping that he’ll at least be able to spend time with his girlfriend Amy and her family. It’s just nice to be around family again – it’s been much too long since I’ve spent Christmas with mine and this is made all the better now that I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful girls to share this with. Here’s a photo to help get you in the right mood…

Makena kissing Gemma

Snow Day…

December 8, 2005

Technically, it’s an “ice” day but regardless the metroplex has slowed to a crawl. It’s currently 17 degrees out and there’s about an inch of ice on the ground. While the main roads seem to be getting better, our neighborhood is a complete mess still and probably will remain so until sometime this afternoon. Due to the weather, the office plans on having a “late opening” but I’ve decided that my family and life are more important than missing a day at the office, a sentiment I’m sure most share with me, so I’m going to be staying home today. Now to figure out what to do to entertain Makena for the next 8 hours…