July 7, 2006

Ian over at SecretGeek has a very interesting idea: multiformats. I’ve done this a few times myself and I do think that it would be a great idea but considering that Windows hides file extensions by default, I’m not sure how that would affect adoption. Granted, if you can’t figure out how to make the extensions show up, you have no business writing software but it may be something to consider.


The New Desktop – BumpTop

June 22, 2006

There are always efforts to make us more productive digitally thru emulation of our real world. This project, called BumpTop, takes that effort and pushes it a little further. (Video)

I Want My Lawn With Polka Dots…

May 12, 2006

I found an article, Turf Warrior, in my Wired Magazine and it really got me thinking about the future of lawns in light of genetic modifications. Can you imagine what our neighborhoods would look like if we could order GM grasses?? Say you wanted it to match the trim on the house. Red? Not a problem. Blue? Got it. Polka dots? Eh…maybe not but you get the idea. Imagine if I were able to blend a bioluminescence gene into my grass so that in the daytime it absorbed the sunlight and then gave of an eerie glow as the night wore on. Truly Geek!!

It’s a Mouseboard, a Keyous, a Combimouse…

May 10, 2006

Although I'm pretty certain that I'd never use one, I thought that the idea was at least an interesting one. Check out the details at the Combimouse site.


Future Products…

January 17, 2006

Not sure how I found the site Plusminus, but they’ve got some pretty cool ideas for future products. Check out these babies:

  • CALL – mobile phone, credit cards, music/video player, do-it-all
  • Remote Control Beads – beads that can be used as a remote control

I just love seeing things like this. Yeah, we may never actually realize these products but it goes to show that there are still folks out there pushing the product envelope.


January 11, 2006

Want to know how you rank in the online world?? You can find out how big your ego is using egoSurf. You can check out my measly ego here (note: Don’t use apostrophes as this seems to hose things up). I
(Link by way of Scott Hanselman)

Pure Genius (revisited)…

December 30, 2005

A few months ago, I posted about an idea that a British student had for making a million dollars. I’m proud to announce that he has achieved his goal!! It’s great to know that there are still some ideas out there that can make money and don’t involve porn. 😉 Just wanted to say “my hats off to you sir”…