Hi, I’m Dave. And I’m a Math Dork…

March 20, 2006

Sometimes I wish I was a mathematician – especially after watching Numb3rs. 🙂 Sadly, I’m nowhere near where I would have to be in my math skills to make a living at it (I guess that makes me a pseudo-dork) but I find occasional forays into some of the deeper concepts quite challenging and interesting. That being said, there have always been things that have eluded me and I was at a loss for where to start.

Enter “Drunk Uncle Stevey”…his article points out why math is so difficult for a number of folks and how to go about correcting it. Math doesn’t have to be scary. It doesn’t even have to be HARD. And Stevey gives you a great way to (re)teach yourself math in a much more enjoyable and practical way.