More Microsoft Censorship…

February 7, 2006

Well, well…looks like I’ve finally seen first hand that when Microsoft doesn’t want something around. I was reading up on Commerce Server 2006 and came across a blog by Bryce Milton (a MS employee). As per my usual routine, I started to run thru some old posts to get a feel for the author. I came across this post and figured I’d use the links HE PROVIDED to read about this Richard Gregg character he referred to. Here’s the MSN link he provided (click for full size):

MSN Search for Richard Gregg
Strange. MSN claims they’ve “never heard of the guy”. So then I hop over to Google to see what’s what (click for full size):

Google Search for Richard Gregg

Whaatt?? So how is it that Google has nearly HALF A MILLION results and MSN claims to have none?? *sigh* This is truly sad…

EDITOR: Sorry about the crappy resolution on the images, apparently, ClearType doesn’t play nice with my screen caps.