Code Monkey…

April 24, 2006

A little tune to help make your Monday a little more bearable…"Code Monkey".


Musicians please…

March 29, 2006

Cocking a gun at the start of your song does NOT make it cooler or edgier or suck less. You know who you are. Please stop.

*marks song with thumbs DOWN on Pandora

(Legal) MP3 Music on the Cheap…

March 7, 2006

Randy just turned me on to for my musical needs. They give you a decent selection and all of the albums have the ability to preview with a low quality sample. The most interesting point is that they charge by bandwidth instead of by song. So longer songs (hence albums) cost more. When you get ready to download, you simply choose the format (MP3, WMA, OGG, etc) and the quality. Ultimately, it ends up being a MUCH cheaper solution. They just finished a revamp of the site itself so things are MUCH easier to get around but I still recommend using their (downloadable) winapp for a better experience. At around $1.20 – $2.00 an album, it looks like I’m going to be legitimizing my collection.

*** UPDATE: It would appear that XROST is currently down in order to move their payment provider. Darn it all…

Oh, and I recommend that you use XROST iCards for filling up your account. They integrate with PayPal so you payment details don’t leave PayPal. Plus you get an extra 10% for using the service – nice.

eBay Listing – Kenwood 200 Disc Changer – SOLD

January 29, 2006

I’m listing a Kenwood CD-3260M 200 Disc Changer with remote. It’s used but in good condition – works great and only has slight cosmetic wear.


Front of unit
Unit with door open
Remote control
Back of unit