Game Realism…

January 6, 2006

With the much (over?) hyped release of XBox 360, I’ve had a resurgence of interest in PC gaming. Not that the 360 is bad or anything, I’ve stood at the game display in Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Fry’s for quite a while marveling at the near photorealism of the graphics, I’m just not willing to shell out the $400+ for a premium system when I know it will be taking a good hit in the price in the next year or so. Plus, I don’t have a HD box to plug it in to so it really would be a bit of a waste until then.

Since my brother James moved back to Dallas and brought with him Battlefield 2 which, along with Empire Earth II (beats Age of Empires III hands down in my book), really has gotten me back into my PC for gaming. I got Battlefield 2 and the Nostromo SpeedPad n52 (my review) for my birthday but had to upgrade my system so that I could run the game – the game is pretty beefy in it’s requirements, and am still working out the kinks of the upgrade but, like the 360, I am just amazed at the level of detail and the graphics that games have now. Be it a flight simulator for the next version of Windows or a FPS like Battlefield 2, things are just getting better and more realistic. Made me nostalgic enough to play the old school games – like the ones for the Atari I recently got on my iPAQ (PocketPC). 🙂