TextPayMe Awakens the Giant…

March 23, 2006

Well, it looks like the guys over at TextPayMe now have some competition. PayPal is finally catching on with mobile (you have to login to see the page – I don’t know why…). I’ll be watching this closely and most certainly cheering for the small guys – actually, maybe they can get bought up. 🙂


TextPayMe Revisited…

March 11, 2006

A while back I mentioned having found the guys of TextPayMe in “Text Me The Money…” and signed up. I just wanted to say that I’ve used the service several times and have been really impressed. While it’s still in beta, I’ve not had any issues with the service and was able to shuffle money between my bank account and my TPM account quite easily. They’ve been working on adding features as quickly as they can and have expanded their coverage of carriers significantly in the past month or so. If you haven’t signed up yet, give it a shot. Heck, they even GIVE YOU the first $5 just for signing up – what does it hurt??

Oh and they DO count referrals so please feel free to use my link to sign up. 😉 Thanks!!

They’ve got a blog in case you care to keep up with them in that fashion.

Text Me The Money…

February 2, 2006

I’ve never been a big text message guy mostly because I’m too cheap to pay the $5/mo when I really don’t have that many people I know that use it. Call me old fashioned but I’d rather pick up the phone, call someone, and have the conversation “real time” rather than sending them little emails back and forth. 🙂 That being said, there are some really cool things happening in the SMS world.

Now you can pay someone over SMS. Want to split that lunch bill?? Just text them the money! You can sign up by clicking the little banner below (it’s FREE) and anyone who signs up during the beta period (right now!) will NEVER pay a transaction fee!! Did I mention that they give you $5 just for signing up?? Also by using the banner, I get credit (you can too) for a referral. 35 referrals = FREE XBox 360 so if you’re going to sign up, please give me hand.

SignUp at TextPayMe

Scott Hanselman