Visual Studio 2005 Commercials…

March 27, 2006

(Sorry couldn’t think of a witty name for this post – guess you’ll just have to deal with “informative” instead of “humorous”.)

I just found this link to some great little ads (UPDATE: ads are gone – here’s all that remains) for the new Visual Studio 2005. You may or may not get some of the jokes depending on your level of geekiness. 🙂

I’ve actually had Team System installed for some time now on our development network and am really impressed. While the upgrades to the developement environment (IDE) are significant, the most important portion has been the integration of the collaboration and project tools. Being able to generate, report, and track work items (bugs/features/etc) without leaving the IDE is great and really cuts down on the amount of time needed for the project management details (once you get over the learning curve). Plus, all the project related reports are available without the need for an “update meeting” to constantly reasure “The Bobs” that you’re actually doing something. 🙂


Visual Studio Team System RTM…

March 21, 2006

Here’s my Newsvine seed. Wow, now I’ve got to get the latest download off of MSDN and upgrade our test install. 🙂