A Night Out…

March 23, 2006

If you’re ever near Denton, Texas and want to have a great meal by all means, eat at Hannah’s Off The Square. It is just off the square, which is kind of neat itself, on the corner of Cedar and Mulberry with its own parking lot so that you don’t have to “shark around” for a parking space.

Since it was a special evening for us (see previous post) and we don’t get out very much, I figured I’d call ahead and let them know it was our anniversary and ask if they would set aside a secluded table for us. We’ve been there a few times previously, we (just Darlene and I) try to get out every couple of months for dessert and wine so we’d been there a few times previously (go have the desserts – they’re killer) but had not had dinner there yet so we were excited about this visit.

The greeter knew who we were without even asking (not sure how he pulled that one off) and escorted us to a private dining room. We were told to select a table (there were about a dozen) and our server, Matthew, would be in shortly. When he arrived, he informed us that there weren’t any specials yet because they aren’t selected until 6:30 (we were there shortly before 5 – having kids is tough 🙂 ) but he recommended some of their finer dishes from the standard menu. We selected the crab cakes, Polenta encrusted Tilapia, and sesame Ahi Tuna (rare) with a Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel (yeah I know – we just like red better white).

The crab cakes were fried without being crunchy and moist but still firm and arrived on a well dressed dish with a sauce that was unremarkable other than the fact that it didn’t interfere with the flavor. We were given moist, warm towels for a post appetizer hand bath and left to our conversation.

The entrees arrived and were very well presented. Darlene’s Tilapia had an orange seafood sauce that added some nice spice to the fish (sorry don’t remember what it was called or what all was in it – I was way too engrossed in my own meal). My tuna was excellent. The sushi grade tuna was tender and rare without being cold at any point. It had a subtle raspberry sauce that complimented the sesame well and made the Soba noodles it was sitting on really pop. The mixture of tastes and flavors really pulled me in and kept the meal fresh on my tongue.

Unfortunately, we were too full to have any desserts so now we’ll just have to plan another trip there to follow up. While I’m no food critic (in spite of my attempts in the previous few paragraphs), I would say that this had to be a four star restaurant and HIGHLY recommend that you give it a try. Oh…and ask for Matthew. You will treated to a level of service that you rarely find these days – just be sure that you respond in kind (read: tip well ;)).