Adding Viemu to the Toolbelt…

October 12, 2010



Since I’ve been using MacVim more and more in my personal development projects, I’ve grown to have a significant amount of muscle memory. Pretty frequently now I find a string of ‘jjjj’ in the middle of my C# code as I’m trying to take a look at what it’s doing. So I figured it was time to explore the possibilities of getting viemu up and going. The biggest hurdle was my concern about losing CodeRush/Refactor Pro! support. I am heavily dependent on them so they had to play nice together. Good news. This worked out of the box. After a quick install of viemu and a firing up Visual Studio, I was off and running.

Small tweaks

I did have to make a couple of small adjustments. First was my key re-mappings. In my configs , I snagged a couple of key mappings that I’ve found really helpful. I needed these same behaviors in viemu in order to take advantage of all my muscle memory. The key was creating the .viemurc file in my home directory since it picks that file up by default.

I also had an issue with colors – I prefer dark themes both in vim & Visual Studio. By default, the highlight in viemu clashes so strongly with my theme that I had to disable it. I couldn’t get it to switch up the color schemes appropriately either so I’m guessing I’ll have to dig a bit more to get that working but overall I’m pretty happy. If I find a way to get this working properly, I’ll update the post.

David O’Hara is a Principal with Improving Enterprises in Dallas, Texas.