Hump Day Funnies…

May 10, 2006

Just a few links that I hope will make you chuckle as you start your day.

Apple's Anti-PC videos 

Channel 9 (Microsoft) retaliation to above videos (hey look, they even stole the Mac videos – I guess history DOES repeat itself)

A Juniper bash on Cisco

(Links by way of Artifical Ignorance


Abbott & Costello Revisited…

March 14, 2006

Here’s an update on a classic routine by Abbott & Costello.

(Link via Pat Sullivan)

Tax Cuts And Eating Out…

March 2, 2006

People always decry the fact that the rich get “more” of a tax cut than the poor but this little story illustrates the issue quite well.

DISCLAIMER: I am aware of the fact that the attribution of this story is in question – what I liked was the analogy that was laid out…

Blogging = Better Writer…

February 17, 2006

Not very many of us are born writers (Ok, so  actually NO ONE is born a writer; it’s something we pick up around the second grade). I certainly suffer from the “not-quite-right-yet-so-keep-at-it-and-someday-it-will-be-done” syndrome when it comes to my writing (and even my posts here). So this post on Coding Horror (if you’re not reading CH – you should be) made me smile. Guess I’ll have to dig in and get some tips to I can keep the good times rolling here. 🙂

Vertua Studios (finally)…

February 15, 2006

I’ve kept up with Ethan Marcotte thru his blog,, for quite some time now. He’s amazingly talented and I’m glad that he finally finished his “work” site, Vertua Studios. Clean and simple while being effective…*oogles stretchy header*

We’ve All Wanted To Do This…

February 13, 2006
Blenz gets Bent over

I guess the employees of this Blenz Cafe in Vancouver had put up with their boss long enough. The four co-signors decided to up and leave at once and post a little note to everyone about the action. Beyond Robson is the one that rode past and posted it. Having personally worked for some real losers, I gotta hand it to these folks for standing up to a boss that sounds like he deserved it.

Fun With Faces…

February 9, 2006

Here’s a fun site that utilizes facial recognition to attempt to connect you to your ancestors (oh, and they have a “celebrity option” as well :)). And for the record, I look like Keith Moon, Benicio Del Toro, Robert DeNiro, and Katie Holmes…yikes.
Link by way of Scott Hanselman (post)